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CounterTack delivers the one true Endpoint Threat Platform (ETP) to enterprise customers globally. CounterTack provides a uniquecombination of threat context, organizational resiliency and broad visibility to mitigate endpoint risk and reduce the impact of advanced attacks.

CounterTack is the leading provider of real-time, Big Dataendpoint detection and response technology for the enterprise. CounterTackprovides unprecedented visibility and context around operating system andbinary behaviors to detect zero-days attacks, rootkits, targeted malware andadvanced persistent threats, enabling our customers to improve incidentresponse and advanced threat detection enterprise-wide.

Built on Big Data architecture to counter endpoint threatsat-scale and leveraging tamper-resistant collection for pure behavioral captureon enterprise endpoints, (laptops, servers, workstations, mobile devices)CounterTack dramatically reduces the impact of advanced threats inreal-time and post-incident, giving teams an opportunity to defend theenterprise across the entire cyber kill chain.

CounterTack takes endpoint threat detection and response tothe next level, empowering security teams neutralize and prevent advancedthreats from damaging their business.


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