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AKANKSHA GROUP is a social enterprise which is primarily focused on MSME’s in Manufacturing, Agriculture and Healthcare sector. It believes in connecting technology for Digital Innovation and enablement towards a Socio-Economic transformation to help these sectors scale better to the next level of growth across the world.

Our product - AKANKSHA BPA (an alternate to ERP) connects your materials, processes, Suppliers & Sales to help you improvise productivity, achieve new levels of quality & efficiency and bring innovation. It connects every business operation to give visibility and control enabling you to improve your customer experience & satisfaction which in gives you greater profitability. All of this at a reasonable cost of ownership. Business Process Automation (BPA) is for small scale industries which helps you focus on your business instead of IT. Get all functionalities needed to manage your Business and get rid of hidden costs, maintenance issues, and visibility challenges for a leaner, economical & more efficient Business operation.

Features & Benefits:
  • Free software
  •  Integrated Business Automation to drive efficient control & best in class customer service
  •  Completely Web enabled solutions.
  •  Integral planning, scheduling and program management help you increase throughput and control costs:
- Cost Reduction for Material & Manufacturing Process
- Product Costing Analysis
  •  Avoid Production Interruptions with
- Inward Inspection
- Supplier Analysis & Job Monitoring
- Rejection Analysis
  •  Do you plan/ anticipate to grow into multi-location structure and need a quick consolidated real time view of your business data?
  •  Effective & Efficient Quality Control
  •  Workflow Approvals System
  •  Order Status Indicator
  •  Different User Level Security & Rights
  •  Minimum Client System Configuration needed
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