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Deep Identity

Deep Identity is an innovation leader in providing comprehensive and unique solution to address today’s requirements of an enterprise for :
• Identity governance and administration (IGA)
• Compliance management
• Data governance

Deep Identity offers a layered approach that enables better visibility and controls, ultimately automating compliance management in a cost effective manner. It provides business with the relevant reporting and analytics to improve IT security, maintain compliance and eventually minimize business risk.

With ‘Layered Approach’, Deep Identity solutions penetrate deeper to bridge Identities, Accounts along with Entitlements information to provide transparencies for downstream processes such as Attestation, Compliance, Role Management, Audit and Reporting.

Identity Audit & Compliance Manager (Deep IACM)

 Identity Audit & Compliance Manager (Deep IACM)

Identity Audit & Compliance Manager (Deep IACM) is the industry’s most comprehensive solution that provides a ‘layered approach’ to identity governance and administration. Deep IACM does this by discovering deep into applications, databases and systems, where users and their access permissions are stored. While the typical process of discovering users’ access is just to determine whether the users were given specific access rights, Deep IACM, adopting ‘layered approach’, penetrates deeper to bridge the link between all the layers. This information is used for downstream processes such as attestation, compliance, role management, audit and reporting.

Identity Manager (Deep IM)

 Identity Audit & Compliance Manager (Deep IACM)

Identity Manager (Deep IM) is the industry’s most lightweight solution that provides a “layered” approach to identity administration. Deep IM is an add-on component to Deep IACM and shares the same repository.

Deep IM and Deep IACM share the same connector to manage user identity lifecycle, their access within enterprises applications and systems. Deep IM enables enterprises to have complete administrative capabilities right from hiring till the users leave the organization. The entire process is automated using integrated workflow.

Privilege Identity Manager (Deep PIM)

 Privilege Identity Manager (Deep PIM)

Privilege Identity Manager (Deep PIM) is the industry’s most practical and non-intrusive solution to address privilege identity related challenges in any organizations.

Deep PIM is built as plug-ins on top of Identity Manager (Deep IM) and comes with Privilege Access Server, which will act as proxy for access to back-end Windows and Unix servers. Deep PIM is an integrated solution with Deep IACM and Deep IM. Organizations now can take a practical and non-intrusive approach to address their Privilege Identity Management challenges including recording of sessions.

Unlike traditional privilege identity products, Deep PIM simplifies privilege identity management process to enhance organizations IT security and enables organizations to meet regulatory requirements.

Data Governance Manager (Deep DGM))

Data Governance Manager (Deep DGM)

Data Governance Manager (Deep DGM) provides complete automation for identity, data access governance and lifecycle management with the integration between other modules such as Deep IACM and Deep IM.

Deep DGM plug-ins include Windows and Unix file Servers, Microsoft SharePoint Portal and NAS devices.

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