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Proven in over 5000 worldwide customer deployments, Array Networks is a global leader in application delivery networking.

Powered by Speed CoreTM, Array application delivery, cloud and mobility solutions are recognized by leading enterprise, service provider and public sector organizations for unmatched performance, reliability and total-value-of-ownership.

The Array ADN Advantage

In today's world of mobile and cloud computing, applications reside in data centers around the globe, and interact with us wherever we go. Supporting many users in many locations on many devices - while maintaining application performance, availability and security - can be costly and complex.

Array Networks helps enterprises, service providers and public sector organizations meet the challenges of delivering applications in these dynamic network environments. Our application delivery WAN optimization and secure access solutions provide the tools essential to maintaining a seamless end-user experience while simultaneously preventing attacks and data leakage.

Solutions Offered

Load Balancing/ Application Delivery Controllers/ Secure Access/ WAN Optimization, Mobility Solutions.

Application Delivery Controllers

Bridging the GAP between ADC requirements and Budgets

ADC's are purpose-built appliances, or software engineered for virtual environments, they combine cutting-edge performance and scalability with transformative features at industry-leading price points, delivering unmatched value and ROI as compared to alternative solutions. Instead of a complex data center architecture which includes multiple devices for different functionalities, ADC combines the features and functionalities of your LLB, SLB, SSL terminator etc. and gives you a consolidated performer. A single box ensures that the TCO and the management hassles is reduced and thus giving you a smarter and efficient network.

Secure Access Gateways

AG's provide up to 256 fully customizable and secure virtual portals on a single secure access gateway appliance for supporting employees, partners, tenants and other user groups. And all this without your data leaving your network. Access gateways leverage the latest hardware technologies to create an integrated appliance purpose-built for secure access. It is able to support large and diverse communities-of-interest - and provide a premium user experience without compromising security. It gives you the exact look and feel of your office workstation without you being physically present in office.

Move at the Speed at the Business

Speed up data and applications between any cloud, data center, office or user. Accelerate your business with dedicated and virtual WAN optimization controllers by Array

Array's aCelera physical and virtual WAN optimization controllers dramatically reduce application response times over wide area networks by reducing the amount of traffic that goes over the network between remote offices and data centers.

Mobility Solutions

Secure Mobile Access to Enterprise Applications

Array secure mobile access solutions address the technology challenges of mobile and remote access, as well as the business challenges of bring your own device (BYOD), to securely and cost-effectively mobilize operations for enhanced enterprise productivity. Regardless where your users are or what device they are on, Array mobility solutions provide instant access to enterprise applications without the risk of attack or data leakage.

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