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Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest growing IT security vendors in the world. Firmly positioned as one of the top four leading antivirus vendors*, Kaspersky Lab continues to improve its market position. According to the company's 2012 unaudited financial results, Kaspersky Lab's global revenue grew by 3% compared to the previous year and reached $628 million. Today it's the world's largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions.

Kaspersky tools and technologies are uniquely balanced IT Scrutiny Solutions across progressive tiers to meet your evolving security and IT needs. Kaspersky makes the job easier by making the administrator see, control and protect their IT environment with Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business.

One of the primary advantages of Kaspersky Lab's corporate range is the easy, centralized management provided by Kaspersky Security Center that extends to the entire network regardless of the number and type of platforms used.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business is a platform which delivers a broad array of tools and technologies to enable companies to see, control and protect all endpoint devices. It combines its technologies and tools into four tiers, each of which adds its own layer of protection against cyber-threats.

The first level - Core - contains award-winning anti-malware technologies. Next come the Select and Advanced tiers, offering modern endpoint control and encryption. Finally, Total level security provides the best protection for each area of the network - web, mail and collaboration servers alike. At every level the Kaspersky Security Network provides powerful cloud-assisted protection to every component, and Kaspersky Security Center tools help IT specialists to manage the whole company's IT defenses from a single console.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business also features targeted solutions which can be added to any tier:

  • Kaspersky Security for File Servers
  • Kaspersky Security for Mobile
  • Kaspersky Systems Management
  • Kaspersky Security for Virtualization
  • Kaspersky Security for Storage
  • Kaspersky Security for Collaboration
  • Kaspersky Security for Mail
  • Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateways

Kaspersky Security Center allows organizations to implement a flexible, scalable model of antivirus protection management. It can operate on a network of any size, whether it's a small group of machines or a complex distributed network. Easy to install, and time-efficient to manage, protection system management with Kaspersky Security Center minimizes the total cost of ownership of any Kaspersky Lab antivirus solution.

Kaspersky boasts a comprehensive list of technologies - all working together from the same codebase and further assisted by the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network - to give our customers the world-class protection they need.

In short, we've delivered the industry's first Security Platform, built from the ground up, making it easy for you to see, control and protect your world.

Which tier is right for you?

Kaspersky endpoint security for business, core

Starting from a foundation of Kaspersky's award-winning and powerful workstation anti-malware protection and a firewall, we add Kaspersky Security Center - our intuitive administration console. For customers who require antimalware only, this is the solution.

Kaspersky endpoint security for business, select

Workstation & File Server Security, Application Whitelisting and Control, Device Control and Web Control form the protection roster of the Select tier. Also included is a mobile protection solution which consists of an endpoint security agent and Mobile Device Management (or MDM). If your needs include protecting a mobile workforce and enforcing IT policy, SELECT might be the right tier for you.

Kaspersky endpoint security for business, advanced

At the ADVANCED tier, Kaspersky adds data protection in the form of file or full-disk encryption. Another new offering, Kaspersky Systems Management, combines security with IT efficiency. This broad set of features includes essential tools allowing the administrator to:

  • Create and store images and remotely deploy systems.
  • Prioritize the treatment of hardware and software vulnerabilities with a powerful combination of advanced Vulnerability Scanning and intelligent Patch Management.
  • Track license usage and compliance with Software License Management.
  • Set data and infrastructure access policies for users and guests with Network Admission Control (NAC).
  • Deploy and install updates and new software to users remotely from the central console.

Kaspersky total security for business

Our flagship offering, Kaspersky Total Security for Business, combines all previous tiers and further enhances your security posture with additional Web, Mail and Collaboration Server protection. This is the perfect solution for organizations with broad security requirements who demand the best protection for each network level.

Kaspersky endpoint security for windows workstations

Business changes are placing tremendous demands on IT. New technologies are being adopted by IT as a response to these pressures - but these trends pose critical and dangerous malware risks to the organization.

Kaspersky enables customers to embrace new technologies and feel confident that they're protected against the threats of tomorrow's IT trends.

As a cornerstone of Kaspersky's solutions, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows provides centralized protection of Windows workstations and Windows servers from malware, potentially dangerous programs and network attacks.

Kaspersky anti-virus for windows servers

Modern corporate networks are complex systems that typically consist of terminal servers, server clusters and other types of nodes. Infrastructure like this demands the highest levels of protection, with file servers requiring dedicated software that won't just protect data from the latest malware, but will also provide uninterrupted performance under the heaviest load conditions with minimal effect on network efficiency. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Servers has been developed specifically for networks like this, making it easy to protect your most valuable business resources today and in the future.

In modern heterogeneous networks, a single virus can spread very quickly as it is virtually impossible to isolate a newly detected network infection immediately. Corporate users often place various files into file storages, thus exposing all nodes on the corporate network to risk, from workstations to shared file storage facilities.

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