Value Addition to Channel Partners

ComGuard has proven its forte in value supporting the channel partners to the fullest and stands ahead of the rest in investing and maintaining a resource team to inspire, enable and empower the Channel Partners. ComGuard Provides partners real added value services, including pre sales consultation service by a team of certified specialists with extensive field experience and the possibility to rely on premier solutions from renowned technology partners during product pitching and proof of concepts.

We help partners execute large and complex projects while enabling them to derive the best suited products which have helped them protect their networks, while saving on cost, man hours and helping them protect their business from malicious internal and external attacks.

ComGuard has its own state of the art training and testing facility with dedicated data centre. Products and solutions are extensively tested to ensure design integrity. In addition to this, we have dedicated technical support team that helps our Channel Partners make the most out of products

The value addition can be segmented both in terms of Pre-sales and Post-sales.

We Value add Channel Partners in

  • Sales and Technology Enablement
  • Facilitating Web Ex for End users
  • Enterprise Sales Presentations
  • Top line Technology Presentation
  • Proof of Concept
  • RFP Preparations inclusive of Compliance Matrix Preparations
  • Credit facility and Credit Insurance
  • Logistics, supply chain management and warehousing
Our Technology Partners