Wide Coverage Solution for Office

Building a secure business office environment, wide coverage solution for office is easy-to-install and affordable to have high-quality surveillance solution. PoE Dome IP Camera will be the best-fit for entrance, stairwell, and elevator. Surveillance solution builds upon Networking solutions provide a stable and secure surveillance network solution includes: routers, PoE switches, IP Cameras, NVRs, Video management system, Customer management system, and remote monitoring.

Surveillance plays an important role in office security of both employees and property. An IP Camera at the entrance keeps a visual record of everyone enters and exits the property while cameras. Cameras at the storage and warehouse ensure inventory remains secure. To record and keep the video within the storage or server is able to provide the evidence later on when needs it.

Improve Security and Productivity

Enterprise applications require high level of security to protect the employee and assets. Surveillance solution can also be a valuable tool to increase productivity with intelligent surveillance.

Competitive & flexibilities

Surveillance networking solution provides ease-compatible surveillance networking solutions by choosing both surveillance and networking solutions, flexibilities with its ONVIF standard and 3rd party partners that offers integrators multi-system-option.

Increasing Productivity

Surveillance solution can easily become a valuable tool to increase the overall production efficiency. Authorized personal can remotely monitor manufacturing lines and working areas. With surveillance solution as a tools to monitor the work place, it can helps on managing production lines and certain work places.

Enhance Surveillance Efficiency with Intelligent Surveillance

The use of intelligent surveillance with motion detection and object counting helps to quickly detect suspect actions outside or inside of office after office hours. This will not only increase the speed of responding alerts, but also preventing responding false alarms.

ComGuard addresses this solution with two different technologies Namely AirLive and Engenius

  • Airlive
  • Engenius

Comguard FZ LLC is the Authorized Value Added Distributor for AirLive .

With nearly twenty-year networking expertise, we stand for the high performance and top value to Government, Banking, Telco/ISP/WISP, Education, Hotel, Enterprise, SMB, and system integrators (SI)distributors in the world. “ Simple yet powerful networking”, we provide high quality / performance and reliable surveillance network solutions to partners and continuously devotes itself to provide the innovative and stable products and solutions to connect people’s lives across the globe.

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Comguard FZ LLC is the Exclusive Authorized Value Added Distributor for Engenius.

Network your omnipresent success: EnGenius assists carrier, enterprise, small-to-medium business partners building the complex networking connectivity with value-added service to manage a variety of demanding application usages upon reliable performance and robust design.

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