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Any organization today needs to connect his employees and visitors to the internet. Any organization today uses Wi-Fi to do that. If it’s a small office – a standard Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) would normally suffice. But what happens if the Wi-Fi coverage is required over large and challenging areas such as:

  • Airport converge with many large metallic objects (i.e. airplanes and metallic buildings) – creating a highly challenging environment for Wi-Fi communication
  • An hotel or resort with nice green plantation – which challenges the Wi-Fi signal
  • Large university campuses
  • Large Warehouses with heavy metallic environment –turning standard Wi-Fi APs useless
  • A municipality that needs to provide coverage around the city

In case of large enterprise like airports, containers, schools

  • Link integrity monitoring
  • High interference rejection and low spurious emissions
  • 600-meter NLOS across cranes
  • Mobile client management

Wi-Fi base station solution, with its advanced smart antenna technology, provides the most cost effective solution in the most challenging environments, providing

  • 10x the coverage area and uniform coverage in NLOS conditions, compared to any standard access point
  • Up to 300Mbps access capacity + 300Mbps backhaul capacity thanks to the 8×8 MIMO multi stream capability
  • Double the effective capacity per Wi-Fi channel thanks to its unique air time resource distribution based on its proprietary AirFi technology
  • High interference resiliency with smart antenna technology and to its advanced Automatic Channel Selection algorithm
  • Specifically designed to co-exist with any cellular radio within 50 cm distance, without degrading the performance of neither the cellular radio nor the Wi-Fi base station
  • Fastest time to market, through fewer sites required and simple to install base stations
  • Lowest CAPEX with fewest base stations and base station sites per square Km
  • Lowest OPEX, mainly by reducing the number of sites to rent, maintain and connect per square Km

Exalt Communications is a leading manufacturer of next-generation packet microwave backhaul systems for mobile operators, broadband service providers, government agencies, and enterprises worldwide. The company’s innovative approach to microwave system design is one that not merely addresses current network requirements, but anticipates customer needs yet to come. Exalt’s unique universal platform makes Exalt microwave systems more robust, adaptable, flexible and cost-effective than others.

Exalt systems are designed to address the specific connectivity and backhaul challenges faced by network planners and IT managers in dozens of industries. With presence in over 40 countries and customers including Tier 1 mobile network operators, government and public safety agencies, utilities, ISPs, and enterprises from midsize to multinational, Exalt microwave radio systems meet the diverse and evolving requirements of networks worldwide. Our team of microwave technology experts continues to push the leading edge of the innovation curve enabling Exalt to deliver systems that provide the highest level of functionality at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Exalt not only provides customers with standard-setting microwave radio systems, is also backs up these systems with service, support, and consultation to ensure that Exalt products perform exactly the way customers need them to, today, tomorrow and beyond.

The company’s global team of systems engineers has been carefully chosen for their experience and expertise in designing and deploying microwave backhaul system for customers across all industries. Whether it is a new network, expansion of an existing one, or the replacement of a legacy network, Exalt systems engineers help maximize the value of the customer’s investment. Their broad industry knowledge and strong relationships with Exalt partners throughout the world – such as Com Guard – enable them to bring the right resources to every engagement.

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