Outdoor CPE

Outdoor CPE series is optimized for understandable complexity to bring enhance security and better effectiveness for business operation. It’s simple than ever to build a shared network interface with affordable investment and the best-in-class performance.

Cloud, is an innovative, multi-functional Internet-based management system that will provide powerful remote management and monitoring rich portfolio of business-class networking products that include Cloud-supported Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Access Points and Client-Bridges. Ethernet Switches and IP-surveillance Cameras.

Backed by highly reliable servers deployed around the world, providing smart and rapid management services without worrying service interruption.

Presents a unified global web portal for its wide-range of management services; The Cloud is ready 24/7 basis that user can access around the world to manage registered devices at different deployed networks without memorizing each device’s IP-address.

Tailored for SMB to Enterprise users, We Business Cloud behaves as a great diversity of management services including network planning, Network-based Monitoring, Network Configuration, Cluster Configuration and Device Management.

ComGuard addresses this solution with three different technologies Namely Engenius, 4ipNet and Altai

  • Engenius
  • 4iPNet
  • Altai

Comguard is the Exclusive Authorized Value Added Distributor for Engenius.

Network your omnipresent success: EnGenius assists carrier, enterprise, small-to-medium business partners building the complex networking connectivity with value-added service to manage a variety of demanding application usages upon reliable performance and robust design.

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Comguard is the Exclusive Authorized Value Added Distributor for 4ipnet.

4ipnet is a leading provider of networking total solutions for wireless and wired Connectivity, Management, Security, Mobility and Services. 

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Comguard FZ LLC is the Authorized Value Added Distributor for Altai – Super WiFi.

The Altai Super WiFi Solution offers a complete wireless solution comprising base stations (A8-Ein/ A8in/A8n), access points (A2/A2e/A2-Ei/A1n/C1n/ C1an), CPE (C1n/C1an/U1), wireless backhaul (A2/A2e/C1n/C1an/B5), access controllers and wireless management software (AWMS).

Comguard is the value added distributor whoa vital link in the technology value chain, Comguard creates sales and profitability opportunities for vendors and partners through unique marketing programs, product aggregation and distribution.

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