Hot Spot Solutions

As Internet usage continues to become more mobile, customers have an increasing expectation for wireless Internet access at public locations, such as in coffee shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies, convention centers or airport terminals.

Is you are thinking of running a hotspot for free or for a fee, you will need a hotspot management system to maintain quality of service for your customers, eliminate free-riders, and keep your network secure. All-in-one hotspot solution to instantly turn your venue into a managed, branded and moneymaking hotspot.

  • Easy Account Generation and Ticket Printing
  • Complete Network Security
  • Seamless Secure Mobility
  • Flexible Billing Plans
  • Hotspot Branding
  • Zero Configuration for Visitors
  • Role-based Access Control and Traffic Management
  • Monitoring and Reporting

Comguard is the Exclusive Authorized Value Added Distributor for 4ipnet.

4ipnet is a leading provider of networking total solutions for wireless and wired Connectivity, Management, Security, Mobility and Services.

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