Enterprise WLAN

Today, your network has to work harder than ever before. Millions of new mobile devices are activated daily – and these users expect access from the office, throughout the campus, in convention halls, from the bed side in hospital rooms, and even from the pool side at hotels. How do you get all these mobile devices on the network without impacting your IT staff? How do you manage the network effectively, without sacrificing security or reliability?

By eliminating the need for devices to continually re-associate to new access points as users roam across floors or across campuses, innovative approach to wireless networking has used virtualization technology to create an intelligent and self-monitoring wireless network to allow enterprises to become all wireless, while smoothly migrating their business-critical applications from wired to wireless networks. Wireless network intelligently self-optimizes to minimize the workload on your IT administrators even in networks with thousands of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices

Unique Access

Ability to eliminate channel planning by placing the network in control, while also utilizing channel layering to prioritize application traffic.

Flexible Control

The control plane options to best meet your requirements, from on-premise controllers to private cloud hosted instances.

Fully Managed

Easily manage your network using our network management system E(z)RF® and optimize performance using Service Assurance Manager and Spectrum Analyzer. Protect and secure your network with enterprise-class encryption, policy enforcement, and intrusion protection.

Best-in Class Policy

Simplify onboarding of devices and guest access with Identity Manager, which offers easy to configure role- and policy-based provisioning.


System Director, the operating system that runs in every controller and access point, analyzes traffic passing through the system, identifies different application flows, and then configures network resources and policies to optimize delivery for each application, providing a more


Controllers and access points can be integrated seamlessly into existing networks and installed virtually anywhere, with communication between controller and access points provided at layer 2 or layer 3, consistent with the design of the wired network. For branch office networks, data traffic can be securely tunneled back to a central controller or bridged directly from the remote location, whichever best suits the needs of the enterprise.


Leverage video and voice service features to prioritize high-quality video and near latency-free voice over wireless, through DPI classification technology, which can detect and prioritize video and voice packets through the network using channel layering capabilities. Support SIP over TCP and over UDP, as required by unified communications platforms, like Microsoft Lync, and automatically recognize and provision appropriate over-the-air QoS policies for SIP applications.

Comguard is the Authorized Value Added Distributor for Meru Networks. Meru wireless LANs are specifically designed for environments where high-density wireless traffic is generated by business-critical applications. Such conditions are accelerated in places where the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is in full force and weak networks are unacceptable: hospitals and airports, universities and schools, hotels and other enterprises.

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