Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention is a suite of products and services detects and prevents online fraud covering mobile banking, mobile apps and any online web transaction. Additionally, Kaspersky fraud prevention is complemented by intelligence services that enhance security practices and Education Services to offer a Proactive Prevention strategy to combat Fraud.

At the Endpoint level, it addresses lack of security controls on the consumers' side, isolating and securing online banking by enabling a trusted site on a trusted connection in a trusted environment. Supports all Platforms – windows, mac, mobile – android, ios and windows. Additionally, Fraud prevention suite can incorporate security components in the Bank Mobile Apps already deployed.

A server-side product installation facilitates following three components:

  • Malware detection: detects malware and threats that targeting the online platform.
  • Behavior Analysis: monitors users' behavior on the online platform and compare it with the historical behavior of the user and the crowd "rest of the system users".
  • Rule Based Detection: based on pre-set and customized rules like geolocation, device fingerprinting, etc

The Server-side along with the Endpoint modules together enables comprehensive Fraud Prevention

Despite all the security measures your bank has implemented, your customers could still fall prey to organized gangs of criminals that are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to compromise the security of online and mobile banking services:
  • Redirecting customer transactions to fake websites.
  • Stealing customers’ account details and passwords.
  • Completing fraudulent financial transactions.

Every time a customer suffers an attack, your bank could lose money… and your hard-won business reputation could be severely damaged.

  • Empowering your IT and security team of Banking and payment card industry dealing in online transactions to detect and prevent fraudulent activities and money laundering.
  • Although most banks employ highly-skilled Fraud Analysts and IT Security Administrators and Managers, these personnel primarily focus on bank-related security issues and they may not have detailed knowledge of emerging cybercrime techniques, new malware threats and the latest innovations in IT security.
  • Although knowledge transfer – from experts in cybercrime and anti-fraud technologies, to the bank’s internal security team – can be enormously beneficial, it can be difficult to find consultants and training services that have the required level of expertise.
Although several vendors have launched security products for online banking, some of these products only have a relatively narrow view of what’s required for a secure solution:
  • Some only protect customer endpoints or bank servers – not both.
  • Many product vendors are unable to offer essential threat / security consultancy services.
  • Few vendors can keep pace with the emergence of new threats.
  • Some products leave ‘security blind spots’ and vulnerabilities.
  • Without a global team of security experts, many vendors are only able to protect against locally encountered malware.

    ComGuard, the leading IT Security Solutions Distributor is committed to bringing the best of technologies to its partners and end-users. With presence in MENA, Asia Pacific, KFP has teamed up with Comguard as its exclusive distributor to bring KFP to their part of the world.

    Other value adds of Comguard:

    • Training and Enablement
    • Complementing existing Bank Solutions
    • Strong Technical support in terms of presales and topline presentations.

      For over 16 years Kaspersky Lab has researched and developed technologies for efficient protection against all types of cyber threats - including those targeting the financial sector. Using this experience Kaspersky Lab developed Kaspersky Fraud Prevention – a comprehensive, highly tailored and easy-to-use technology platform addressing fraud risks for online and mobile financial transactions.

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