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Adopting filtering services available over Internet protocol (IP), businesses, organizations, and users can avoid offensive and often intrusive websites and the spyware, adware, and malware that lurk outside every network Internet connection. 

With millions of web pages being posted each day, this artificial intelligence engine has the capacity to keep pace with the massive growth of the Internet, its content and malicious threats.   As a result of this industry leading technology, this has massed and strategically categorized over 3.8 billion URLs to date and receives requests for over 10 million new URLs each and every day.

There has been heavy investment significantly into the development of a web-based administration tool-kit that enables the IT authorities to proactively manage the Internet access and activity of its immediate user community.  This tool ultimately offers the greatest form of defense, mitigating all relevant issues related to Internet user today.

The application is designed to manage the Internet access and activity of Internet users around the world.  Originally created as an alternative to the limited performance of the early filtering products that simply used word-blocking techniques and URL-blocking lists, the product was designed with the first automated and on demand content filtering categorisation system.  It is the first Internet content filtering company to develop and use a form of hybrid “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) technology to scan content, assign content to categories, and update its filter system without human intervention in real-time.

We fully understand that the only way to meet the exponential challenges of Internet growth is to develop, create, and adapt technology to suit our partners and clients.  Hence there is the drive to constantly raise the bar, making it the filter of choice with the best all-round performance, at a reasonable cost.

We know it’s important to take pride in developing the safety for internet controls and we are also affiliated and associated with leading bodies worldwide such as, The Internet Watch Foundation, British Educational Communications and Technology Agency and many more.

The Internet is considered the research and communication tool used in virtually any business, organization or institution around the world.  By providing Internet access, end users are clicks away from such an abundant of information and direct communication with anyone in their ‘networking circle’ which will consist of personal, professional and even yet-to-be-known fellow Internet users.  However, they are also now exposed to the threats the Internet brings to data, productivity, financial safety, personal safety and moral sensibilities. By its global reach, the Internet regularly defies laws, policies, and regulations established by governments and lawmakers

Web content filtering solutions and services available over Internet protocol (IP), offer businesses, educational institutions, government organizations, and residential users the ability to avoid offensive and often intrusive websites while providing protection from viruses, spyware, adware, and malware that lurk outside every network Internet connection.

Enabling IT managers to manage the accessibility to the Internet, Internet sites and web applications that are deemed appropriate and safe for their group of Internet users.  We must also block all web-borne threats, including viruses, malware and phishing scams from infecting computers and central networks.  

Enterprise class reporting and a user friendly GUI gives IT management a seamless way of analyzing internet browsing patterns, by group, individual, sites and many more and deeper granularity in controls.

The ability to deploy in complexed environments with large distributed architectures and managing policies centrally is advantageous and still keeps the hardware investment very low. By reducing overall investment in hardware, this gives customers instant value clearly providing a positive effect on IT spend.

Comguard is a strategically positioned distributor for Netsweeper. Comguard has a wide array of technologies on their current portfolio. There is a dedicated team to execute and reach out to customers with a new Web Security addition in conjunction with their existing vendors. Comguard has a large portfolio of partners who they can extend value to further with a dynamic content filtering and security solution to help drive down the costs for their end user customer base, whilst providing and industry leading web filter. Comguard will represent Netsweeper across the Middle East and India to focus on Enterprise, Education and Government.

Netsweeper, Inc. holds the industries most advanced global filtering and categorization service. With over nearly a billion websites categorized, the artificial intelligence engine employed by Netsweeper is able to automatically classify over 50,000 new sites each day.

Security, scalability, robust functionality and a commitment to a user-driven and user-determined experience are what make our products different. In the world of content filtering, a little bit of accuracy isn't enough - organizations require dependable and reliable filtering all the time

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Research by IDC shows that up to 40% of employee Internet access is not work-related. While shutting off Internet access is impractical, Internet monitoring and access control software enables network administrators to reduce unproductive Internet use. Web controlling software help to boost employee productivity by giving the IT manager the ability to monitor and control Internet access in real time, ensuring that employee web browsing activity is aligned with business needs, and that any files downloaded are free of viruses and other malware.

UTM appliances are a simple one-stop security shop for many businesses but not everyone wants to cough up for the full works, especially if they don’t need all those features. GFI’s Web Monitor is a software-based alternative that focuses purely on web content security and is hosted on your own hardware platform.

Web security and filtering solutions are designed to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) better protect their infrastructures against cyber threats.

Time and bandwidth based browsing policies, and blocking for streaming media

A good tool lets you define web browsing policies which are based on time and bandwidth quotas, again on a per-user or per-IP basis. For example, you can allow a user to browse news category sites for only one hour per day or to download a maximum of 100MB per week. Such policies can be defined for specific websites or entire categories of websites. In other cases you can allow users to visit certain sites but block streaming media on them.

Soft blocking – ‘Warn and allow’ trusted users

Although blocking of certain categories of websites is recommended for most users, you might want to permit certain trusted users to override it. A web monitoring tool allows such users to self-police their Internet use as they are alerted when their action violates company policy but can decide whether their need to access this site is justified.

Blocklisting of ‘known bad websites’

A software should automatically blocklistwebsites which have been confirmed to be distributing malware, phishing content or otherwise serving content with malicious intent.

User/group/IP-based download control policies based on real file types

You should be able to create multiple user/group/IP-based download control policies to reflect security policies in the organization. For example, the administrator can create a policy to prevent downloading of executables, ZIP archives, videos and MP3 files.

Protect your network from viruses, spyware, phishing and other malware

Downloaded files should be scanned with multiple antivirus engines.

Comguard is the sole distributor of GFI product and solution for Middle East, Levant Region and Pakistan with a network of over 50 partners.

With GFI Webmonitor you can Monitor your Internet users’ browsing habits and downloads through granular interactive drill-down reports,Control Internet usage, boosting employee productivity by limiting or blocking access to non-work related sites and Secure your infrastructure by ensuring that downloads are free of viruses, spyware and other malware.

With GFI WebMonitor you can define web filtering policies, allowing or restricting access to particular categories of websites on a per user or per IP basis with a database of over 280 million domains. Due to the constantly changing nature of the web, GFI WebMonitor also queries GFI servers for categorization of URLs that are not found in the local cached database. If a URL is found to be uncategorized, it is processed and added to the database.

The latest variant of WebMonitor allows organizations to extend their corporate browsing policies to portable devices such as laptops or notebooks. This way, employees benefit from filtering protection even if they leave the office.

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