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Vulnerability management is the "cyclical practice of identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities especially in software and firmware. Vulnerability management is integral to computer security and network security.

A potential way to find vulnerabilities is to employ a vulnerability scanner. This is a computer program that analyzes the software of a computer system in search of previously identified vulnerabilities, such as open ports, insecure software configuration, and susceptibility to malware.

A vulnerability scanner cannot necessarily identify an undocumented vulnerability, such as a zero-day attack. However, penetration tests and fuzz testing with relevant test cases can identify certain kinds of vulnerabilities, such as a buffer overflow exploit. Such analyses can be facilitated by specific platforms.

Understanding security risk on a global enterprise network is essential to comprehensive IT risk management and creating confidence in your security program. However, the high rate of change on enterprise networks, the constantly changing threat environment, and increased focus on internal and regulatory compliance have made this task increasingly difficult. Accurate identification of vulnerabilities and effective prioritization is the only answer to effectively dealing with this challenge. Integrated web application scanning. Today's threat environment is unimaginably dynamic —with thousands of new vulnerabilities reported annually—the sheer volume of launched attacks demands best-in-class enterprise vulnerability management solutions to provide comprehensive discovery and management of critical vulnerabilities in support of the ITsecurity lifecycle.Up-to-date vulnerability management is critical, especially as the time between vulnerability discovery and the release of an exploit is, in some cases, narrowing to zero. Furthermore, evolving technology constantly increases attack vectors into the enterprise, increasing the number of vulnerabilities and required patches across the entire network.

An enterprise vulnerability management solution should intelligently discover all endpoints and networked assets, and apply advanced analytics to prioritize vulnerabilities in a meaningful framework - flagging the greatest risks so security teams can make quick, quality decisions within a rapidly changing threat landscape. It should discovers a wealth of data about the critical systems that reside on your network, but rather than provide that data in an endless list like traditional solutions, it should prioritize remediation tasks, enabling users to focus on the items that will most effectively reduce risk on critical systems. This profiling and prioritization enables security teams to best use their valuable resources to reduce their highest vulnerability risk. Reports are available for all audiences, from technically-focused users to executives, providing a customized view into the state of the network.

ComGuard addresses this solution for Enterprise grade categories with Tripwire.

Tripwire is a leading global provider of risk-based security and compliance management solutions, enabling enterprises, government agencies and service providers to effectively connect security to their business. Tripwire solutions deliver unprecedented visibility, business context and security business intelligence allowing extended enterprises to protect sensitive data from breaches, vulnerabilities, and threats.

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Vulnerability management is the "cyclical practice of identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities especially in software and firmware. Vulnerability management is integral to computer security and network security.

A potential way to find vulnerabilities is to employ a vulnerability scanner. This is a computer program that analyzes the software of a computer system in search of previously identified vulnerabilities, such as open ports, insecure software configuration, and susceptibility to malware.

A vulnerability scanner cannot necessarily identify an undocumented vulnerability, such as a zero-day attack. However, penetration tests and fuzz testing with relevant test cases can identify certain kinds of vulnerabilities, such as a buffer overflow exploit. Such analyses can be facilitated by specific platforms.

IT environments now include so many different devices, operating systems and applications that network administrators may not even be aware of all of them. The rise in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in business environments has added to the burden system administrators have to carry every day, in turn forcing them to stay on top of their network environment, strengthen security, while also monitoring an ever-changing network infrastructure.

So there is a need for Network security scanner and patch management software now more than ever. Such a software should have the capability to cater to the new environment because the whole IT infrastructure needs to be managed, no matter if it is Windows®, Mac OS® or Linux® systems, physical or virtual machines, servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, or network devices such as routers, switches and printers.

Patch management

Patch management software manages patch deployment for both security and non-security patches to Microsoft, Mac OS X and Linux® operating systems, Microsoft applications and third-party applications – in all supported languages.

Vulnerability assessment

The use of agent technology in this software allows the scanning load to be distributed across machines, and with relay agent technology the remediation load may also be distributed. This is particularly useful in multi-site and large networks. Vulnerability scans are multi-platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux™)and virtual machines are also supported.. Any detected vulnerabilities can be managed by choosing from remediate, ignore, acknowledge and re-categorize as appropriate.

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Among all the other operation software, GFI LanGuard also automates patching for all major web browsers running on Windows® systems, including Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Mozilla Firefox®, Google Chrome™, Apple Safari® and Opera™ Browser

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