Privileged Identity Management

The increasing adoption of virtualization and cloud computing present new opportunities and new challenges. IT can allocate resources on-demand, but also needs to dynamically allocate permissions and access control. Virtual machine sprawl increases the risk that insiders or hackers may steal or damage critical data. Failure to address these issues can lead to compliance failures and leave critical assets and data open to breaches and persistent threats.

To protect against intentional or accidental misuse of privilege, access control policies need to be in place. These policies, which have to be dynamic to meet compliance regulations, are often cumbersome for IT to create and manage. Manually managing user identities and privileged access on Linux and UNIX systems increases operational costs by 12 percent on average.

An answer to this could be an all-in-one centralized solution to authenticate users in the same way on all platforms, control granular access to sensitive resources, apply uniform group policies across all users, audit network security, and report on access to corporate resources.

In a secure and compliant environment, end users are not entitled to local administrator or even power user status. However there is a need to allow them to run applications, manage system settings (install printers, manage network settings), and install software that require local administrator privileges.

The only answer to this problem has been to grant users full administrator privileges over their desktop or laptop, allows network administrators to attach permission levels to Windows applications instead of giving the rights to the user, allow organizations to improve security, without impacting productivity.

A centralized enterprise solution to authenticate users in the same way across all platforms, control granular access to sensitive resources, apply uniform group policies across all users, audit network security and report on access to corporate resources.

  • Gain full control of all Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X desktops and servers with centralized management. Increase ROI by eliminating the need for multiple directory services
  • Increase productivity by minimizing manual processes of account management
  • Streamline user management with a single-user, single ID policy
  • Apply uniform group policies to every user, computer and server
  • Reduce complexity by managing virtual and physical environments in the same way
  • Improve network security via effective access control

Credential caching in the event of temporary loss of connectivity with the AD domain controller. Monitor and record privileged access down to the keystroke Run audit-friendly reports illustrating entitlements and daily operations. Use an Operational dashboard for administrators to view their organization’s privileged access management infrastructure to spot security weaknesses

BeyondTrust is the only security solution vendor providing Context-Aware Security Intelligence, giving customers the visibility and controls necessary to reduce their IT security risks, while at the same time simplifying their compliance reporting.

We empower our customers to protect their infrastructure and data across the entire IT landscape: making every device - whether on a desk or in a data center, in a pocket or a virtual machine, or in the cloud - as secure as possible. Our solutions identify and remediate the vulnerabilities that form the basis for cyber-attacks, and mitigate internal threats that arise from the accidental or intentional misuse of system or device privileges. In short, we protect from both the external and internal threat.

BeyondTrust offers consistent policy-driven vulnerability and privilege management, role-based access control, monitoring, logging, auditing and reporting to protect internal assets from the inside out. The company’s products empower IT governance to strengthen security, improve productivity, drive compliance, and reduce expense across physical, virtual, mobile and cloud environments.

Comguard is proud to have partnered with BeyondTrust on multiple PowerBroker and VMS installations across the MENA region.

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