Identity and Access Management

The solutions enable organizations to quickly identify, quantify and manage access risks to vital information such as intellectual property, medical records, personally identifiable information and customer data, while demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements. Cloud and on-premise solutions offer full arrays of IAM( Identity and Access) functions such as: identity and access governance, user provisioning and password management, in affordable packages that deliver faster time to value than other industry solutions.

  • Demonstrate compliance with key industry & government regulations
  • Create accountability, no shared access/passwords
  • Automate certification and remediation
  • Restrict sensitive data access to authorized personnel
  • Track compliance and risk trends
  • Align IT security & business needs
  • Reduce data compromise risk
  • Terminate former user access
  • Eliminate excess privileges, SoD violations, zombie accounts
  • Control sensitive data access
  • Monitor unusual activity
  • Reduce time, expense of compliance audit and reporting
  • Decrease overhead to add/change/delete user accounts
  • New hires productive on Day One
  • Slash identity-related help desk calls up to 80% or more
  • Improve employee satisfaction

The redesigned connector architecture and implementation methodology have significantly reduced installation times and costs.The cloud strategy provides potential clients with robust IAG(Identity and access governance ) features, as in different deployment options. The Access Insight offers more analytics and reporting options for clients, allowing a more real-time and proactive approach to access governance.

Comguard represents Courion Corporation as they are the leader in identity and access management (IAM) and Identity and Access Governance (IAG) solutions that effectively and securely manage user access risk. More than 14 million users in 550 organizations worldwide rely on Courion’s access risk management solutions to align user access privileges with corporate and regulatory governance policies. What you will find is that Courion is the only independent, specialized vendor in the market that is in the leadership quadrant for both of these toolsets. There is a good reason for this: Courion have been delivering state-of the-art provisioning solutions for more than years, and have been providing provisioning-enabled Access Governance solutions for more than 5 years. Courion believe that this is very unique, and that Courion’s long standing expertise in both of these domains brings significant, complementary benefits to their customers.

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