DDI solutions is a step towards building smarter networks which are reliable and easy to manage.The naïve databases have been cumbersome to maintain in the wake of the ever increasing needs of BYOD, Virtualization, cloud computing and IPV6 networks. The main driver for a DDI solution is IPAM intelligence. IPAM gives you visibility into “Everything IP” in your network hence making for a better and smarter networks with centralized management. Proteus reduces management time, effort and costs by eliminating the need for frustrating spreadsheets, manual processes and homegrown solutions to track IP addresses. Proteus also allows organization to manage change and growth with unsurpassed scalability and future-ready support for IPv6 and DNSSEC.IPAM provides broad capabilities for managing and automating IP networks including IP discovery and reconciliation, IP address allocation, IPv4/IPv6 policy definition and integrated management of DNS and DNSSEC. By providing a central control point in the network, IPAM enables organizations to build a solid foundation for successful virtualization, cloud and IPv6 initiatives. They are is designed to meet the business-critical DNS and DHCP needs of any organization from a SMB or branch office to a large enterprise.

Almost all enterprise applications and thus the business processes are supported by the enterprise network. This means the entire enterprise works on the network foundation and any issues with the network has far reaching effects, the management of such a critical aspect cannot be ignored.

The increasingly growing complex needs of today’s networks cannot be handled by decade old IPAM methods. The need of an IPAM solution can be immediately felt when you need to adopt a BYOD policy. The ability to centrally view and manage your IP addresses with IPAMis the key to gaining network intelligence and insight.

Together with the Domain Name System (DNS) and Dynamic HostConfiguration Protocol (DHCP) core network services, IPAM is the lifeblood ofyour network

  • IPAM centrally manages and controls the network and addressing
  • DNS connects any device to any Web site, application or other user
  • DHCP provisions each device’s connection to the network

The IPAM platform consolidates all IPAM, DNS and DHCP data within a centralnetwork intelligence repository, enabling you to better manage your networksand devices.

Network Intelligence

Centrally manage everything on the network and gain visibility, insight and actionable Intelligence on IP address space, networks, hostnames, devices and core network services – all from a multi-tenant Web-based interface.

Network Management Pains

Better management and visibility and visibility of the network ensures that your network does not face high profile outages due to IP conflicts or network blind spots. For IPV6 Migration it gives you a better understanding of the network.

Self-Service BYOD Registration

Manage the explosive growth ofnetwork-dependent devices including corporate-owned And personal consumer devices and reduce the risks ofBYOD by automating device on-boarding and securingboth the network and devices.

Automation and Self-Service

Allow IT to be more responsive to the needs of the business by integrating IPAM into existing IT processes and workflow and enabling efficient self-service. The combination of automation and Self-service lessens the IT burden of managing routine IPAM changes and dramatically reduces the turnaround time for critical network requests from days to minutes.

Network Discovery

Automatic network discovery retrieves key information directly from routers and switches, enabling the IPAM solution to automatically augment its own data, which already includes the device’s unique MAC address, IPv4/IPv6 addresses and DNS records, with valuable networksourced data. Information such as switch port data can be appended to the IP address stored within the IPAM repository to provide a richer source of network intelligence. With network discovery, you can quickly and easily identify changes to connected devices across geographically dispersed networks

Network Reconciliation

Network reconciliation makes the data captured through network discovery actionable, allowing you to better monitor and control devices, IP addresses, names and locations. Changes to discovered IPv4/IPv6 data can be compared in order to identify unused IP addresses for reclamation and/or unauthorized IP addresses that can create security vulnerabilities, such as non-compliant ad-hoc wireless access points set up by employees.

Bluecat believes in the explosive growth of connected devices requires a more intelligent network Toensure reliable, secure, always-on application access and connectivity. Bluecat IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions provide a smarter way to connect mobile devices, applications, virtual environments and clouds. With unified mobile security, address management, automation and selfservice, BlueCat offers a rich source of network intelligence that can be put into action to protect your network, reduce IT costs and ensure reliable service delivery.

Enterprises and government agencies worldwide trust Bluecat to manage millions of devices and solve real business and IT challenges – from secure, risk-free BYOD to virtualization and cloud automation. Our Innovation and strong technology has been noted and verified by various independent worldwide including Gartner which rates us as “Strong Positive”.

Bluecat Networks’ appliance-based software solutions provide a purpose-built platform for businesscritical IP Address Management (IPAM), DNS and DHCP. With a hardened operating system and extensive failover and disaster recovery capabilities, Bluecat Networks appliances ensure that your network services are secure, scalable and highly reliable.

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